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What is CIDESCO?

CIDESCO has been founded in 1946 with its head office in Zurich, Switzerland. The CIDESCO diploma is the world’s most prestigious qualification in the field of esthetics and beauty therapy. Since 1957 the CIDESCO qualification has set standards that have been initiated over the five continents of the globe. CIDESCO is represented in over 33 countries.

Are any your instructors CIDESCO Diplomats?

Yes. Many of our instructors are not only highly experienced but also CIDESCO Certified.

What is OPEN ENROLLMENT and do you provide this?

An Open Enrollment program allows students to start a class at any time during their course of learning. There is no specific start date and no specific graduation date. The students are allowed to start at any time and come to school at any time of the day. The new student joins a group that has already begun and may be at a different level of education. At the New Age Spa Institute we believe in providing the best education possible, that why our programs are more structured. Many of the classes that are already included in the program are advanced education and because of this we want to make sure that all of the students in the classroom are at the same level of education. Our students begin the program together as a group, and graduate together. So, to answer this question: NO, WE DO NO PROVIDE OPEN ENROLLMENT.

I’ve heard somewhere that advanced education classes are not part of the regular program, is this true?

At The New Age Spa Institute we believe in providing only the best, that’s why many of the advanced education classes (Advanced Massage Therapy) are already included in our curriculum. After completing our program you can be sure to be at the top of your education.

How long does it take to complete a program?

  • The massage therapy course takes about 8 months.

Is your school accredited?

Yes, The New Age Spa Institute is fully accredited and licensed school of massage therapy.

Massage Therapy:
Illinois State Board of Education 100 N. 1st Street Springfield, IL 62777 866/262-6663

Do you offer Multi-licensed discounts?

Yes, we do!
Can you help me with financing?
Yes. We offer different types of financial help:

  • The New Age Spa Institute can help you obtain a 100 % loan (depending on the credit) with the outside financial facility.
  • You can also be paying off your tuition directly to school as monthly payments at no extra charge or interest (needs to be paid off before graduation).

Are there any additional expenses other than tuition?
No. All the textbooks, workbooks and products are already included in the tuition. We even include a free massage table!
Do you have school tours?
Yes! Just call us at (847) 759 0900 to schedule an appointment to visit our school.
Is there a charge for the Student for a Day?
No, these programs, as well as our Open House Events are available to students investigating a career in massage therapy who wish to experience first-hand what The New Age Spa Institute has to offer.

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