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“Thank you The New Age Spa Institute for providing me with such a great education! After completing your program I feel that I’m ready to work in this industry and feel confidant that I’ll be able to provide the best massage services. You have trained me more then I could ever expect! Before I’ve signed up for your program I’ve checked many other schools. You have not only offered the lowest tuition but also the best curriculum! Thank you again!”    Krissy, September 2011


“The best thing about choosing this school was the size of the classes. It was great to have so much attention from the teacher! The classes are small and the program is very advanced. Not only we have learned general body procedures like Swedish and Corporate but also different approach to body massages. We have learned Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage, Hot Stones for Body and even Hydrotub massage! When I looked for schools no one else offered all of these in their program and that’s why I chose this school. The New Age Spa is well known in this industry for top of the line education and after finishing this program I do have to agree, they are the best! Thank you to all of the teachers for inspiring me to work so hard and thank you for all the preparation you’ve done to get our group ready for the State Board Exam. I couldn’t have done it without you!”
Tom, December 2011


“If I had to do it again, I would choose The New Age Spa Institute again! Thank you Barry and Leslie for working with us so hard. Thank you for your patience, dedication and passion. Thank you for always looking for ways to advance my massage technique. Thank you for planting a seed in me that has grown into a small tree. Although my journey with The New Age Spa Institute has come to an end, I know that my new journey is just starting and that’s all because of you. Thank you for your support and for believing in me. Thanks to you I felt confidant enough to open my own practice! You are the best!”
Rosie, August 2012


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